Dreams are series of thoughts, images and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. It can be beautiful, magical and exciting but it can also be frightening, waking you up in the middle of the night and panic. We are about to explore some common dreams and their meanings specifically the ones that hasn’t been scientifically approved and doesn’t have any exclusive meaning. Expects continue to study dreams to promote self awareness and to help us better understand what is troubling us in our daily lives. Here are list of common dreams you should never ignore.

Being lost or trapped ; if u had a dream where you find your self lost or trapped, what this usually means is that you have uncertainty with regards to a particular situation in life and you are unsure of what step to take. Having dreams of being lost in the a large building, lost in the woods or some kind of maze can cause overwhelming feelings as you cant find your way out. These dreams mirror the complications that you re experiencing in your life being it financial, emotional, physical or mental.

; dreaming about boxes means that you are subconscious is trying to bring attention to some type of concealment. You may be worried about someone hiding something from you or perhaps you have a secret that you are keeping from others. Further to this, if in the dream you open a box, it means that a secret you are holding on to is now ready to be realized and revealed but if after looking inside you realized that there is nothing in the box, then you are probably going through some feelings of distress or dissatisfaction in your life.

Missed opportunities ; if you dream about scenarios that you missed a bus, train or flight or some other form of public transportation usually by just a fraction of a second. This dream may be mirroring real life regrets, regrets of not pursuing something you wanted to. It could be not responding to that message on time for your dream job, allowing someone to decide for you what you didn’t really like or not being able to get what you truly deserved.

Falling or sinking ; These dreams mostly includes feelings of helplessness, being over whelmed. These dreams feels like you are falling usually from some high end like a tall building or you can be sinking into a large body of water like the ocean. People often believe that having these dreams or better thought as nightmares is a prediction of their own death but this is wrong. Such a dream suggest that you are not happy or you re not satisfied with where you are in life perhaps you have some fear of failure in some endeavor or more risky life choices you have made and they are swinging around to bite you in the butt. To find meaning again you may need to think about some new choices, rob it into a new idea and carve into a new path.

Being chased ; This dream of mostly common with those having anxiety, its often a dream that you are being chased by someone , an animal or something else. In real life this means, running away from certain situation or an emotion not ready yet to be faced it could be a breakup or a grieve.

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